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Happy New Year, the past month has been so amazing and I am truly fired up to ensure we, as Canadians make a difference!

In the past month, we have reached nearly 300 members and far more in ads. THANK YOU!!

I have had the privilege of talking to so many amazing artisans and farmers across this country and I am confident we can do this together! With the new year here, it’s time to get started.

First, let me answer some questions. If you’re local and do not ship, you still belong here! If you are a Canadian Artisan or Farmer – there is a place for you here and you are needed.

Second, do not be afraid to post in a new category! We truly need you, I’ll explain in a moment ;-). The site is brand new so there will be categories where no one has posted, get in there! We need to work as a village to truly make this successful.

Third, if you run into any difficulties, send me a direct note – I am here to help!


It’s simple! I will be challenging communities and all Canadian Air BnB’s to take our challenge! As soon as we are represented across the country, we will launch a one of its kind challenge! Air BnB’s are across the country, in small rural areas and in large cities – they benefit from our communities and it is time they support those communities! We will be challenging all BnB’s to support local, stock their home with local, decorate with local and gift with local (see why your listing is important!).

To be successful, we have to be represented in as many cities, towns and rural areas as possible. If you offer fruits, vegetables, seasonal – get them posted and specify the seasonal dates in your ads! Have people reach out for more information, you will be grateful when harvest comes you really don’t have to advertise and you can focus on earnings.

If you’re an artisan, post – get it online, showcase your work. Note if you can customize, note if you will give bulk discounts.

The next two months are the months to prepare, to take the time to get yourself established on the site and to explore members in your area.

Once the apps are out, everything will be at people’s fingertips – and you will benefit from joining us, I have no question about that.

Together we are going to do amazing things.

Post, share and encourage your artisan friends, friends at your community market and let’s build this together!

I am busy adding and improving the site every day, if you have feedback, please reach out, I’m more than happy to listen to you. I am also ensuring all wineries, craft beer houses and upick orchards are listed. People in your community will be able to find you and everything they need to support and explore this amazing Country.

If you’re a bit larger and would like to support us, please do. Supporting memberships are a one-time cost, with lifetime benefits and it will ensure I can continue to build out this special space and most importantly, ensure we can increase advertising dollars to showcase you and your fellow Canadians.

Happy New Year Canada, this is our year!

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