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Supporting Memberships

I am truly humbled by the support and the excitement around this very different and special marketplace.  I didn’t imagine but I am excited about 2020.

I believe strongly that larger Canadian Corporations need to support Artisans, Farmers and the Indigenous community and at no time will I change my position on that.  You will always have a place to advertise for free and that will include social media posts and gift baskets.  You do not have to become a supporting member, it is not a requirement and never will be.

Having said that, there are members who simply want to, and if you’re able – it is truly appreciated.  There are several costs associated with a site this large and as of now, I am carrying that so your sponsorship will allow for

  1. More growth and development
  2. More advertising and marketing to showcase our members
  3. More educational awareness around why as a society we have to rewire our brain and recognize how easy it really is to buy your soap from an artisan or your eggs from the farm.
  4. Start to support Canadian owned platforms, we just have to take a bit of control back as we’ve relied on Facebook, Kijiji, Etsy and the like for far too long.  We need a Canadian Marketplace that is inline with our heritage, our beliefs and our privacy.

I promise you, sponsoring this platform will put the money right back into the platform and allow me to build on what we have and show Corporate Canada the value of our space.

We are happy to issue invoices for GST and business purposes.  Please email Angelique directly at with your request and an invoice will be issued.


Supporting us means supporting all members.  It means increased exposure for you and members on this platform.  Silver and Gold memberships give you added value of banner ads and exclusive banners in your category.  Support us as we all continue to grow.

Support a Gift Basket Giveaway


This supports the entire community!  Gift Basket Giveaways will start the last week of December, the winner will be announced on January 5th and the basket will be sent from my location (Quebec).

As I believe small artisans often struggle with the costs of marketing and ‘giveaways’, all items in the basket will be paid for.  Our January Basket is now confirmed and each month the basket value will be $150.

The basket will go out with Member information (Please review the image to the left) and as the sponsor of the basket, A Sponsor sheet will also accompany the basket with a full bio.  This is perfect for the bigger ticket items that will not be illegible to a giveaway due to the costs associated with it.

Sponsoring the basket means your getting free paid advertising on the social channels and recognition in the basket.

We will be giving away baskets every month and it will include Gift Certificates for local farms (in the winner’s location) so it is inclusive of our members.

If you would like to sponsor a basket, purchase the basket and I will be in touch with you to let you know which month you’re sponsoring.  Alternatively, if you want to do a second basket in the month or if you would like to pick the items – that works too!  Simply send me an email and we’ll create a promotion that works for everyone.

January's Giveaway
Reusable Tote