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Back to our roots

Canada is home to 38 million people from British Columbia to PEI and the beautiful territories.

I have been blessed to travel most of our country and have always been incredibly proud to be a Canadian.

It’s a turbulent time for many families, increased cost of living across the Country and of course politics and policies have caused rifts and arguments, but one thing remains.

We ARE CANADIAN. Each province and territory has a special place in our history and families and farmers across the Country are finding it more difficult to reach Canadians.

In a time of social media and the never-ending marketplaces, Canada has been absent.  What has built this Country has no platform.  Our ArtisansFarmers & Indigenous and small simply can’t be found.

We have focused on American owned and operated social media platforms rather than supporting our own, in our own backyard. It’s time to change that. Canada is and always will be a sustainable Country built on agriculture and talented Artisans across the Country.

Starting in January, we’re going to do our best to bring those families to you, showcasing the very best and giving us all an opportunity to support each other in our own communities and when traveling across this beautiful Country. With our website that has already launched and our app that will be out in the new year – you will easily find Farmers and Artisans and Indigenous specialties wherever your travels take you and if you’re like me and truly want a local experience, you’ll have the tools to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables from a local farmer or meats to BBQ at the Air BNB that you just rented.

Support, encouragement, and sustainability creates success for all of us. Join us in participating in something truly Canadian that we can all be proud of!

More than 97% of all Canadian farms are family owned and operated.

A Peer to Peer Marketplace


Free marketplace Canada is a Peer to Peer Marketplace much like Facebook or Kijiji.  What makes us different is a few key points

  1. 100% focused on  Artisan, Farm to Table, Indigenous and Livestock/Animals.


  1. Truly Canadian. 100% owned and operated.  We have also made a commitment that at no time will individuals or farmers have to pay to list on our marketplace.  We will look to ethical, genuine Canadian corporations whose values align with ours for support and partnership.


  1. We do not place our personal beliefs or corporate policies on what you can or cannot list on the site (within the available categories). Each member is responsible to adhere to Federal and Provincial Laws and are personally responsible for that.   We advocate a friendly, ethical, sustainable marketplace that encourages growth for Artisans and a place for large and small farmers alike to share their offerings.


  1. Livestock and Animals are allowed. We understand the importance they have both in the agricultural and private individuals’ landscape.  We also believe every animal should have a venue to be rehomed or rescued.  From Horses to sheep, rabbits and dogs, there are times when situations arise when placement is needed.  It is a part of our Canadian history and we will honor that and ask that all members be respectful of each members lawful choices.

Free Marketplace Canada was born out of a passion for our Canadian roots and heritage.

From the family farm around the corner that produces fresh eggs to the Artisans across the Country where we can take home a truly personal part of a vacation.

We ALL benefit when we support local and with our website and upcoming app, it will be as simple as searching what you need, whether you’re in your community or traveling the Country on vacation.

Free Marketplace is the only marketplace (Canadian or otherwise) to provide a dedicated platform for Farmers and Artisans across the Country to showcase their offerings.  While we will expand within the categories as needed, we will not expand our focal point.

This is a marketplace like no other.

A Small but Mighty Start


Free Marketplace was launched after an article appeared on the CBC regarding the challenges the Maritimes were facing selling livestock after Facebook recently began to reinforce their anti-animal sale laws.  Initially, it was an innocent project that I believed would answer one area of concern for Canadians.  Regardless of anyone’s personal beliefs, there is nothing preventing Canadians from selling their livestock and animals.  Laws are in place to protect animals (and you’ll find no bigger advocate for fair treatment than here).  Having said that, it is not our right to play judge or jury on anyone.   Hence, the beginning (and only the beginning of Free Marketplace).

Launched on December 15th, the initial response was overwhelming and while doing research, I quickly realized that Farm to Table and Artisans and Indigenous communites were posting ad’s in the most unusual places, you would find preserves in health and beauty, meats in household and raw pet food in accessories.

There was no place for these items, yet more and more Canadians want farm fresh, want to buy local treasures and are feeding their animals Raw (myself included) and they are looking for alternatives to the big chains.

In the next two weeks, I focused on building out my ‘dream’ marketplace.  In that time, I have spoken to people all over the country and the response has been incredible.  I have always known we are kind, but I did not anticipate the personal responses or support, I truly didn’t.

I have personally spoke to numerous individuals who truly believe we need this.  This information deck is a result of that.

People want to participate; they need a Canadian Marketplace founded on Canadian principles and focused on what matters to us.

I readily admit I was not expecting the welcome received.  I have been working non-stop to continue to develop the site and respond to all the messages and new members.  It’s fueled my passion and I found myself spending my time on further development.

The app itself will be ready in January.  It will be available on both iOS and Android and will allow for all the ‘goodies’ including:

Posting/Responding from the app

Instant message notifications

Map location service to allow individuals to find what they want in the area they are in

Live chat so members can interact with their customers

Free to use for both buyers and sellers

Favorite “saves”, allowing Canadians to plan their road trips or vacations

Plus, online access to our Community Newsletter “Canada’s Pulse” launching in January.

Canada’s Pulse


Each month, we will focus on a different sub-category (e.g. February will be all about honey🐝and March will be all about the beef🍔🥩.

Focusing on Farmer’s and Artisans across the Country we will rely on our membership for stories, recipes and features providing quality content to every community.

The newsletter will have a member’s circle, links to all our offerings and featured community Farmer’s Market’s.  We hope in time it will grow to be a truly Canadian treat delivered to members (both buyers and sellers) on the monthly basis.

It’s our goal to make this more than a marketplace, a truly special place for all Canadians, to share, inspire and most importantly support!

Starting in January, the highlight will be Artisans, no time to waste!  Members can send us their story at

Welcome home Canada, we can do this together!

Sponsorship and Partnership

I never anticipated the growth the marketplace would have or the support of Canadians across the country.  At the time of this writing, everything done has been a one man show and we all know great things take a village!

I anticipated managing a ‘small marketplace’ site with a fair amount of ease, however knowing what I know now, this passion project is and can be so much more.

In order to successfully provide all the features and technical requirements needed as the marketplace grows, there is no question I will need the support of Canadians and Canadian Corporations to get behind something truly Canadian with their customers in mind.

Being in the tech/design/marketing industry does allow a solid foundation and a good outreach to allow for appropriate staff to come on board, but it will require backing to be successful long term.

IT requirements as the site grows will require private servers and a solid, safe platform for all to enjoy.

The one thing that is important to me, is to build this foundation on the same premises as the website and application is built.

I am looking to organizations who support and are involved with Farmer’s, Artisans and Livestock.  It’s mandatory (not an option) that our sponsor’s or partners have the same genuine love and desire to support these markets as I do.

Sponsors come in all shapes and sizes, if you or someone you believe can assist us please reach out to me directly at   Due to the unanticipated response, the site will be managed and hosted under a Corporation that we have just incorporated in British Columbia. I am actively talking to several individuals who can assist with technical growth and assist me with the day to day activities that I am currently managing it all and we need the support of Canadians to truly make this a marketplace that is ours, different and something we can all be proud of.

Canada truly is a magnificent Country. From East to West, our landscapes are undeniable, but the pulse of this Country is our communities, our farms and our people.

I can’t imagine anything more special.

Imagine being able to travel across the Country and support and meet these people.

I can’t imagine anything more special.