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Hot Hot Hot.

  • Hot Hot Hot.
  • Hot Hot Hot.
  • Hot Hot Hot.
Price : $20.00 (_Various_)
Date : January 5, 2020
Main Title of Ad : Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Noxious Pepper Powders. Infused Salts. And Spice
Location : 80 Scott Street, Brampton, ON, Canada

Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Noxious Pepper Powders. 

Infused Salts. And Spice Sale.

$20  each as listed. More Details at bottom.  PM me. Larger quantities available.

…ASK ME about my Sauces!!!!…

**** CAUTION HOT****

**NOT Your Grocery Store Spice!**

1.  1 oz. South of Heaven ..  PURE POWDERS.  A huge blend of over 100 different types of peppers. Is very tasty and VERY HOT.

1.B .. An Extra Hot version Available for $5 more.

1.C. .. Is A 6 Bhuts (Ghost) Version.

2. 2 oz.  Noxious BBQ CHICKEN … a Noxious BBQ CHICKEN.Blend. great on Pork and Beef also.

3. 1.5 oz. Najun Nasty .  A Noxious take on traditional Cajun Spice 

4. 2 oz. Noxious Jerk. A Noxious take on West Indies Island taste expressed in a xxx spicy spice.. 

5. 2.0 oz. Noxious Peppers & Salts ’19. INFUSED SEA SALTS. With hot peppers and black peppers. 

6. 1 oz. Noxious Smokey Mexican Chocolate Flakes

7. 1oz. Noxious Smoked ’19


1.SOHA. South of Heaven Again!

 7 Pot  Mustard, 7 Pot  Peach,7 Pot Barackpore Red, 7 Pot BBG  Yellow, 7 Pot Brain Chocolate,

7 Pot Brain Yellow, 7 Pot Bubblegum Red, 7 Pot Congo Red, 7 Pot Douglah Red,7 Pot Douglah Red, 7 Pot Johna Red, 7 Pot Lava Red,  7 Pot Mushroom  Mossy,  7 Pot Primo Red, Adheim Red,  Aji   ??? Red,  Aji Fantasy  Orange,  Aji Mango  Orange, Aleppo Syrian (Smoked)  Smoked, 

Bhut Jolokia Red, Bhut Jolokia Peach, Bhut Jolokia Yellow,  Bhut Jolokia Caramel,  Bhut Jolokia Chocolate,  Bhut Jolokia Assam Red,  Bhut Jolokia Brazilian Red,  Bhut Jolokia x Douglah Red,  Bhut x Tabasco Red, Bhutlah Chocolate, Bhutlah Chocolate,  Bhutlah Long  Chocolate,  Bishops Hat Red,  Black Naga Red,  Black Stinger Red, Bohemian Goat  Orange,  Bolivian Rainbow  Multi,  Brain Strain Red,  Brain x 7 Pot  Yellow,  Brain x Fatalli Red,  Brain x Ghengis Khan Red,  Brain x Jonah  Yellow,  Brazilian Starfish Red ,Butch T Red, Caja Marca Red,Carbonero Orange, Cayenne Red, Cayenne. Super Red, CGN21500 Orange, Cherry Bomb Red, Cherry Hot Red, Chinese 5 Colour, Choc Mojo  Chocolate, Count Dracula Red, CP 337 Red, Crimson Hot Red, Devil’s Tongue  Yellow, Devil’s Tongue Red, Douglah Red, Dragons Claw Red, Fatalli Chocolate, Fatalli Yellow, Fatalli Red, Giant Long Red, Habanero Peach, Habanero Orange, Habanero Globe, Habanero Yellow, Habanero Chocolate, Habanero Yellow, Habanero Big Sun  Yellow, Habanero Bullet  Yellow, Habanero Burning Bush Red, Habanero Congo  Chocolate, Habanero Giant Red, Habanero Savina Red, Habanero, Big Sun  Orange, Hells Bells Red, Indian Red, Jabba Da Hut  Yellow, Jalapeno Red, Jalapeno Green, Jalapeno Corked  Corked, Jamaican Yellow, Jays Ghost Scorpion  Peach, Jays Ghost Scorpion Red, Karnaval Red, Kraken Yellow, Kraken x Scorpion Red, Lava Chocolate, Lava Drop  Chocolate, Lava Drop  Chocolate, MA Wartex Variant Red, Maripi White  White, Naga Red, Naga Dorset Red, Naga Giant Red, Naga King Red, Naga Viper Red, Naranja Picante, Paper Lantern Red, Peter Orange, Peter Red, Bhut Jolokia x Pimenta De Neyde Red, Pink Tiger  Purple, Piri Piri Red, Piriz,Poblano Red, Prairie Fire Red, Primo Yellow, Primo Red, Primo x Habanero Red, Reaper Red, Reaper Yellow, Reaper x Burning Bush Red, Red Lantern Red, Ring of Fire Red, Scorpanero Yellow, Scorpanero Red, Scorpion Chocolate, Scorpion (Moruga Monster) Red, Scorpion (Moruga)  Chocolate, Scorpion (Moruga) Red, Scorpion (Moruga)  Yellow, Scorpion (Trini)  Chocolate, Scorpion (Trini) Red, Scorpion (Trini)  Yellow, Scorpion CARDI Red, Scorpion Long Red, Scotch Bonnet  Chocolate, Scotch Bonnet Red, Scotch Bonnet  Yellow, Scotch Bonnet (MOA)  Yellow, Scotch Brain,Super Chilli Red, Thai Red, Thai Black  Red.


Noxious Jerk ’19

Traditional Jerk Spices, STRAIGHT from Jamaica !! Infused with: Mixed Super hot peppers. Butch T, BBG7, Orange Hab, Peach Hab, Scotch Bonnet/Scorpion, Habanero Red, Giant Red Savina Hab, Garlic, Black Pepper, Noxious Infused Fine Salts. Ground to a fine powder.


Noxious Peppers & Salts ’19

A blend of 7 or 8 batches, filtered, sea salt reused in next batch. 4 and 5 times infused, FRESH pods, dry pods, and some rehydrated powders used,… OH and lots and lots of Smoked and Mash Soaked Techillibery Peppercorns, crushed into my salt batches… 


Noxious Smokey Mexican Chocolate Flakes

Chocolate Moruga Scorpion, Chocolate Bhutlah, Chocolate Lava Drop, Chocolate Habenero, Chocolate Scorpion, Chocolate Scotch Bonnett, Chocolate Fatalli, Chocolate Congo habenero.

Chipotle Morita, Chipotle De Oaxaca, Chipotle Meco, Pasilla Negro, Oaxacan (Rare), Smoked Superhots,Giant Red Habanero & Long Thin Cayenne.

A mixture of Fire, Heat and Smoke! Authentic smoked

Mexican Chillies, Local grown and personal grown pods.


 Noxious Smoked ’19

Cayenne, Thai, Habanero, Jalapeno, Mix Superhots, Ghost & Reaper. 

Red Radish, White Radish, Watermelon Radish, Horse Radish, 

Celery, Carrot, Spanish Onion, Red Onion, Granny Smith Apple, 

Red Shepherd, Medetrainein Sea Salts, Tellicherry Peppercorns, 


All Home smoked, with maple, oak, mesquite,hickory, cherry and apple hardwood chips and chunk.

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